Are you ready to:

  • Design a life you love?

  • Re-write your success, money and happiness blueprint?

  • Speed up the goal hitting process?

  • Bring even more joy & happiness into your life?

  • Develop a fun and sustainable personal development practice?

  • Open your energy up to magic, money and rapid growth?

Very often in my life, I've gotten what I wanted...

And for the past 2 years, I've been learning, testing and seeing the results of how to speed this process up...

Each month I've tweaked my process, been side tracked at times, and learned more and more. What's come out of these tests?

  • I sold my truck in 30 days for exactly the price I wanted.
  • I lived a block from the beach in California, twice.
  • I launched my podcast from scratch in 34 days.
  • I had a goal of 20 women subscribe to my membership site, 25 signed up.
  • I got an ATV to drive around Antigua for 2 months.
  • Set a goal to have 4 new clients in February, got 4 new clients (two in one day!).
  • I've been losing weight faster and more easily than ever before (with no 'diets' or 'shakes'!).
  • Done all of these things while having other activities going on in my life... including self care (yes, I take a bath almost every night!)

When I've used specific practices to focus on these goals, it's beyond easy. I have more free time than ever before, amazing things come from nothing, and I have no anxiety knowing I'm safe and aligned in my life and business.

I know you have different goals than the ones I've listed above... but the process is the same. How do I know this?

Because I've begun teaching women some of my practices...

and it's working for them.


I'm not talking fluff, spells or hocus pocus. I've been actively using things like the Law of Attraction, mediation, personality type and energy work to speed up every one of my goals. When I stay on course, BIG THINGS happen. And I want to share it with you now. 

What can you expect from the Boutique Magic Mastermind?

  • To establish a daily, weekly and monthly personal development practice
  • To learn to execute big goals with ease
  • To be actively more joyful in your daily life
  • To see your business and emotional health improve
  • To have less stress and more time
  • To experience magic on a more regular basis

Is this Mastermind just for women who have boutiques? No.

Here's the thing... I've been using these practices on areas of my life other than just sales. And it works. Are you ready for massive growth, with someone supporting and guiding you along the way? Awesome, this is it.

What you'll get in the Boutique Magic Mastermind:

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls to discuss the steps you've taken and where you'll go next

  • Worksheets to Guide You I've created the steps you need to help you identify what you want and what steps you'll want to take to get there

  • Videos, meditations, exercises like I said, I've tried it all and want to give you my best and most life changing resources... which most are free!

  • A Private Facebook Group of incredible women to add to your support and accountability 

  • Facebook Live Trainings in the group for me to guide you through some of the ideas we'll be implementing

  • Bi-Weekly Office Hours in the FB group where you can check in for extra questions and coaching during the off-week

  • Required Reading specific books are a part of this process because I want you to get information from the primary source

We start April 10, 2017 and you'll have support until September 2017.

Boutique EliteMastermind.png

I'll be honest... I've been hesitant to offer this.

Normally, I'd say: "Let's keep working through marketing," or "I'm going to offer to teach more about margins..."- something really linear and logical.

But my favorite teachers and leaders are always taking their best students along with them on the journey they're going on. And I want to follow in that idea. I want to show you what I don't often talk about, what I do behind the scenes when I'm not going nuts about margins on Facebook Live.

What I've discovered in my six years of being an entrepreneur is that I need to be as healthy emotionally, as I do with my numbers. So I've tried it all! (Well almost all... I still have a few things on my list of energy work to test out!) A big part of this has been implementing some daily, weekly and monthly routines, tapping into my own intuition and getting to the root cause of why I do certain things.

I've been to setting intentions on the New Moons, using sage to clear energy from my house, cleaning my aura with a Pink Pomander through color therapy and seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor to move my emotional blocks out of my body. I actually want to delete all of that because I have a massive fear that by telling you this you won't think I'm a 'serious business woman'. However, that's why I'm sharing this with you, a woman who has worked with me before and knows how dead serious I am about building businesses.

In just the past 3 months alone, through intense focus on these practices, my life has 360 changed (again!) and I am more sure than ever that 2017 will end up being my very best year, emotionally, financially and I'll have a ton of fun!

I'm challenging myself again now to share this with you, because I know that you will benefit from this just as much as I have. Does that mean you need to see an energy healer? No! I'm not going to ask you to do anything else but commit to your own success and follow along as I take you through the process of designing your days to meet your goals for the month in a different way than any desk/day planner can do. We'll be tapping into your desires, your beliefs and your emotional blueprints.

What does this actually look like in real life?

(These are actual screen shots of client's results where we've been implementing these practices!)

These are REAL RESULTS from REAL WOMEN just like YOU. Can you see why I'm SO EXCITED to share this with you now?!

(and you don't even have to buy me a pony!)

To sum it all up, in the Boutique Magic Mastermind, you'll get:

  • 6 Months of Ongoing Support from me (April- September)

  • Group Coaching Calls

  • Private FB Group with Trainings and Office Hours

  • Worksheets, books and lots of resources to use in your own life

  • A community of other amazing women to share your progress

And of course, since this is like a beta-test for this program, I decided to make it an easy decision financially... it's actually my lowest priced offer ever!

Investment: $2000

(or $400/month for the six months)

Ready to sign up? Click below:

(If you were in the January- March round of Six Figure Blueprint, please check the FB group for a note from Emily before registering.)

I bet you have some questions...

Emily, I don't believe in magic, why do you keep talking about it? If you don't believe in the impossible happening, then this probably isn't for you. I know I'm a powerful woman, and I think you are too. I want to teach you how to tap into that side of yourself that maybe you forgot about or haven't ever really used. The best way for me to describe that is your magical side... or how about your intuitive side. Our society (including me!), has been wayyyy caught up in logic and data. But honestly, all important business decisions are based in intuition. So let's start using it!

Ok so we're going to use our intuition... but my intuition says that my business isn't so hot right now. How can I help it with this program? Great, your business is down... then guess what? We're going to see freaking FAB results if you can commit to trying out what I throw at you during our time together. You have the MOST potential right now and, again, if you can commit to trying, I know you'll see results.

Well you are such a positive person and I'm not really. Do you think that's a factor to why you're getting all those things? Um, no. Sure, I'm a peppy person, but that's why it's been so hard for me to slow the f down and trust in my inner guidance system for direction and answers. Remember, I'm a peppy, logic-based lady, so trying to set my monthly desires, slow down to meditate and focus has been pretty tough.

Yeah, but Emily, you don't have kids or a busy schedule so you have all the time in the world to fit this stuff in! I'll never be able to do it. Well first off, sure you can if you decide you want what you want bad enough. Stop with the excuses!! The examples above I showed you (remember the screenshots?), those ladies have 1-3 kids each and dogs and husbands and businesses sooooo.... yeah I tested it on child-raising people and it worked! #boom

What if I have a real business question during this program? Will you help me? Um yeah, DUH! Of course I will be there to support you as your business grows! (Remember, I LOVE logic!!)

I don't have a boutique, can I still get results from this Mastermind? Oh hell yes girl! Listen, this is all about you stating your desires and me showing you how to get them. That desire can be an amazing partner, more money or a cute pair of shoes- the process is the same!

When are the group coaching calls? They'll be the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 8pm EST. Usually they'll go for 1.5- 2 hours.

Ok I'm in, where do I sign up? Click the option below for how you'd like to pay and you are in! Our kick off week is April 10, 2017 and you'll get some welcome information from me after your registration is in! I'm EXCITED FOR YOU!!! 

Click on your payment preference below to be taken to the checkout page:

(If you were in the January- March round of Six Figure Blueprint, please check the FB group for a note from Emily before registering.)

Still have questions? Send me an email at and let's talk!