My best friend said that to me this week as we were recapping my 2017 over the phone. We realized that she and I have both had coaches who’ve said: “Make a decision to take action. Be consistent. And the results will pour in.”

Right, sounds easy huh? It also sounds a little stupid when you’ve asked them point blank, “What did you do that made you that half million dollars in a year?”

There’s no plan, no strategy, no step by step guide they could ever give us… but now we both see it…

Because I’ve done it.

First off, no, I haven’t made a half million dollars in 2017. But my little 2 year old business did hit six figures back in September and that’s a massive milestone I’m extremely proud of hitting.

In thinking about where I was last year on this day, I was a mess. Not such a hot mess as the year before (trust me, in 2015 I was a complete wreck of a human caught up in a net of change and anxiety). But certainly not in a place I had ever dreamed of being.

We were in the midst of a six week stay at Greg’s parents home over the holidays. We had a nice set up, but I was so obsessed with it being a failure of my business, I was getting all caught up in my head.

Until one night I had dinner at the Fairmont Hotel in Boston with my friend Stacey. Stacey is tall and powerful like I am. And when I met up with her, she was a shiny, glowing version of herself having just come out of a day with the famous Jack Canfield in a mastermind group.

I had taken public transportation into the city, since I didn’t have a car and no money for an Uber. So walking off the subway, into one of the nicest hotels in Boston, with her strutting into the restaurant shocked my system. At that moment, I needed her high vibe to lift me up and show me what was possible for me. (Have you ever had that happen to you ?)

I remember worrying the entire dinner about what I was going to eat and drink so I could pay for my half of the meal. I think I had about $60.00 in my bank account at that point.

We had a lovely dinner and Stacey’s zest for the massive six figure year she had created in just under 7 months since I had last seen her, was the motivation I needed to get my butt out of feeling bad for myself, and into action. 

You see, all she had to say to me was, “Emily, I went on Facebook Live consistently, told the truth, and helped the women I knew I needed to help. That’s it.”

If you’ve read down this far, I think you see where the inspiration for my successful 2017 came from.


I went back to Greg’s parents house and kicked it into high gear, making a plan for the Facebook Lives I would do over the next couple of weeks. I knew I could reach the women I felt called to help if I could just show up on video for them.

Did sometimes I have only 2-3 people watching, yup. Were there days I could barely think about what to talk about, yup. And were there days that I felt like no one really cared about what I had to say, yup. But… for 52 straight weeks:


And with that, I’ve had a year that was bigger than my wildest dreams. I’ve been able to help thousands of women, travel to 25 cities around the world, study with my own mentors in a bigger, more meaningful way, and even support the growth of other women by hiring them to my team.

Maybe you read this and are thinking, “Sure Emily, but I sell clothes.” Well that’s where you are wrong. And if you’ve been in any of my courses, you know that you have a bigger mission that just selling nice clothes. You are here to transform other women’s lives through your clothes and energy.

I know 2018 is a massive year for boutiques, especially your’s. Are you ready for it?