Last week, I slogged down Hollywood Boulevard wearing my one-strap backpack and old sandals I still loved. A strap had broken off the backpack in Denver, and the sandals… well you know when you can let go of something because you know you’ll never find ones like them again? Yeah, my poor cork sandals with dirty, stained leather had seen plenty of miles.

Much of my life is spent walking. It’s very necessary for me to have a good pair of shoes and a sturdy backpack to carry my laptop in. So the fact that these two core things in my life were broken meant that I was miserable walking around. My left shoulder hurt— I was carrying my computer on one shoulder— and my feet were aching. It was no bueno and I was on a mission to end my suffering STAT.

I found a DSW store and walked in hoping I could knock out both purchases at once. Low and behold— I found an awesome upgraded backpack and the comfiest pair of sandals ever— they are the ones with the yoga mat bottoms! I bought both, and sat down to switch everything over. I felt like I was downloading my shiny new operating system!

At that moment my biz bestie Christine rang me. I was sharing the excitement of my purchases with her when suddenly, I looked at my old backpack and sandals and felt an intense attachment to them. I had a little panic moment… how could I move on from these things that I’d loved and spent so much time with?

THAT WAS MY FEAR— rearing it’s ugly head. I felt it and saw it.

I told Christine how I was feeling and she said “Emily, I know how you feel… but seriously? You’ve got to let go of the old to let the new in.

I took a deep breath, marched out of the store and found the first trash can I saw to ditch them in.

I hollered out a hoot! A high pitched “OOOOOOOOOO!” I fully embraced the yummy feeling of the comfy new backpack and sandals and was in a joyful state.

Upleveling in life and business can be a stretch. I’ve learned that every investment I make— whether it’s a $50 backpack or a $15,000 coach— is that I come closer into alignment with where I want to be. 

Are you holding on to something that’s not serving you?

  • Maybe it’s an old pair of glasses?
  • Or a half-working computer that you struggle to get your work done on?
  • Perhaps it’s a relationship, or business that’s just not fun any longer?
  • Or maybe it’s just your whole situation in your business?

Think for a minute— what’s the worst that could happen if you let it go? How would it feel to give up the attachment, the struggle, the negative feelings, the anxiety?

Imagine the relief you might feel on the other side of letting go.

Imagine the peace, the knowing that things could be different then they are right now.

Imagine, for even one short moment, what it would feel like to know that you could be closer to your dream life, if you allowed yourself to give up what’s not serving you.

Right now, mentally or physically, jot down a couple of things that just don’t feel good to you. Can you ditch them right now? Will it take calling a friend to help walk you through doing it? Commit to yourself that even if something feels a tiny bit bad, you’ll get rid of it, ASAP.

Write back and tell me what you ditched and how it felt! I’d LOVE to celebrate with you!

To making lots of friends and making lots of money,