I just finished up my taxes for 2015.

What I realized going through the numbers was that 2015 was a really hard year for me. 

As I looked through the charges on my card, my income, what I spent money on… I was a little shocked.

Not only was it my lowest income year ever as an adult, it was the first year I ever spent money on personal development. I had basically negative money and spent the majority of the money I made on investments in MYSELF. (I actually can’t believe I’m publicly talking about this…)

Because I was stuck. 
I couldn’t do it by myself anymore.
I was struggling.
I didn’t know what was wrong with me, with my business.
I was tired.
I wanted more.
I couldn’t deal.
I knew it was the tipping point…
And my family, friends, my poor boyfriend—they just couldn’t help me. 
They didn’t know how to help me.
They saw I was down, depressed even, and didn’t know what could get the funk out.

You see, in 2013, I started teaching a monthly webinar to mobile retailers. I got to use my 7 years of retail expertise to teach a higher level of running a retail business— AND I LOVED IT. Every freaking minute of it. I was psyched when someone wanted to consult with me 1:1 and usually stayed on the phone with them longer than the 1 hour allotted time. (If you talk with me these days, you know I do that still sometimes!)

That pull of teaching was calling me last year. I knew I was meant for more than where I was, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on how, when, who… I didn’t have a clue what was next. I just knew I loved teaching, helping women run their businesses. Give them the good, bad and the ugly I had experienced myself.

I knew my life had to stop the crappy pattern it was in, and I was fully convinced that scraping together the money I had to do it was the answer.

So I bit the bullet and decided to “burn the boats” as they say. I spent $5500 on my first group coaching program. I was obsessed with the women who was running it and it became a non-negotiable for me to sign up for the program quickly after I listened to her teleclasses.

What came out of me burning the boats?

  • More money coming in from places I never expected
  • A solid relationship with a fantastic coach who pushed me and nurtured me at exactly the times that I needed it
  • Awesome business best friends who I speak with weekly (some daily!)
  • incredible trainings and workbooks I still reference to run my business
  • A renewed relationship with my boyfriend (I stopped asking him for help with my biz!)
  • A revived relationship with my family-- my mom wasn't worried about me being depressed anymore
  • A new ME. I renewed ME. A ME who knew exactly what she wanted to do, how she was going to do it, and the energy and tools to go out and do it.

That’s how I ended up here, in your inbox! You see, I know about a lot of things… but one thing I know for sure is when I need help.

THIS IS MY FIRST COACH EMILY! She's the one who pulled me out of a dark place and got me on this incredible road of consulting and coaching women just like you.

My dad once said to me: “Emily, I’d rather invest in you than the stock market. I believe you will always make better returns than the market.” And HELL YES- I agree with that. I will ALWAYS invest in myself. I am an incredible investment… and as an entrepreneur I’m not afraid to invest in myself to grow my life and my business.

Ask yourself right now: Are YOU the BEST INVESTMENT your business has got? (Hopefully the answer is yes!)

  • Are you where you want to be in your business?
  • What’s stopping you from getting to your goals in your life and business?
  • How are those obstacles taking you out of the game and crushing your dreams?
  • Is it time for you to end your every day suffering? 
  • Why do you feel like you have to endure this pain alone in your business?
  • Is it time for you to bite the bullet and ask for the help that you need to get yourself to the next level?

Is it time for you to make the best investment yet and invest in yourself? 


If you’ve been thinking about working with me 1:1 at a higher level, here’s your chance. 

I’ve created a new 8-week intimate experience, only available for five (5) women.

This is about getting you to your ultimate business goals FAST. 
Some examples of things we can do in eight weeks:

  •  analyze your sales & margin data to maximize profits
  •  get you feeling great about your biz (mindset!)
  •  find your ideal client and speak to her loudly!
  •  dig deep into your inventory management and make it flow properly
  •  develop a buying and markdown strategy
  •  create and schedule content for all your social media channels
  •  launch your e-commerce or social selling site
  •  and whatever else you need…

Clearly we're not going to be able to get that entire list done in eight weeks, so pick your top 3-4 and we'll push to make them happen FAST.

This is a super high-level customized 8 weeks. You'll get the same access that my longer term 1:1 clients get. Training videos, book lists, workbooks-- you'll get what you need to succeed.

You want a business partner? Great- that's me for eight weeks. You'll have weekly 1:1 calls with me and full email access. 
You + Me... we're going to deep dive into your business to figure out what is going right to push it, what's going wrong, and stop it. No more wondering why you have too much inventory or why there's not as much money in the bank as you thought there should be. 
Picture this: In just 8 weeks, you've got your business running like a super profitable machine, you have an after-holiday plan set up and in place, and you KNOW it's all working exactly the way you imagined in the dreams you had about your retail business. We're going to bring this to life.

IMPORTANT: This is limited to 5 incredible women, so if it is speaking to you then talk to me about how we can make it happen. 

Hit reply to this email or send me a message me on Facebook.

To making lots of friends and making lots of money,

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