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I've been taking Brendon Burchard's "World's Greatest Speaker Training" course and last night I was SOOOO inspired by one of the sessions. I want to give you MORE MORE MORE valuable advice so you can go out and OWN your industry! So every now and then I'll be giving you a *QUICK TIP* -- and it will be exactly that-- a quick, easy tip you can use to affect your business ASAP! 


Whether you sell a product or a service, it’s important that you have a plan for making money!

>> If you sell a PRODUCT: What is your average unit retail price (AUR) of that product? Next, how much money would you like to make this month? Divide the AUR by the total revenue you’d like to make and you’ll get how many units you need to sell.

Next step- how much more consistent can you get posting on social media and using your email list to promote your products? How can you best explain the benefits and value for the price? Can you offer a multiples discount to increase your sales? Focus on this sales goal every day and remember that until the clock strikes midnight on the last day, you still have time to hit that goal!

Another thought for you: When you sell products, the only way to make more money is to raise the prices or lower your cost per item, AKA increase your margins. OR sell more products-- so the challenge now becomes-- how can you increase your margin? The retail industry standard is between 60-70%, how close can you get to that?


>> If you sell a SERVICE: First, how many packages are you really offering? I see some coaching or consulting websites that offer way too many packages. Even if you are fairly well established, consider having 3 or less packages or programs. If you are new, consider having one great long term package to offer where clients need to commit and you get well compensated for your time.

Again, think about how much money you’d like to be bringing in each month and make a chart so you can further plan and visualize. Each month think about how many people you want to sign on and at what price/package. I like to make boxes and create a space for each client’s name to go on a line when they sign up to work with me!

Now how are you going to fill those spaces? Getting visible, consistently!  Consider sharing strategies that have helped you grow in your business. Then take the strategy and post on your FB page, in groups, or go on FB Live or Periscope! Run FB Ads and make sure your Instagram is up to date. You can use a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to post more often. Ideally you want to be posting 3 times a day in groups where your ideal client is hanging out. Once you start to build your platform, offer some free calls and see if they can convert into discovery calls. Remember, being consistent will have women thinking “Who is this woman I keep seeing everywhere?” And the like/know/trust factor will go up!

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And as always... Keep up the great work ladies!