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Do You Need A Business Partner?

"Would you rather feel overwhelmed or peaceful?
Of course you'd rather feel peaceful.

Would you rather like to feel energetic, and adventurous and excited about something? Or bored?

You must move toward what you you've become... or you become complacent and dissatisfied.

To take action from a place of split energy is always unpleasant.

So let's say you're focused on something that's not working. To dig in and try to offer more effort and to think harder about how your going to get it done, just causes you to pile more engines on in opposition

So the rule of thumb that we would apply, if we were in your position, is that we would follow the good feeling thoughts."

- Abraham Hicks

This past weekend I watched a video of myself from 2014. Talk about having a pile of opposition showing up all over my face.

I looked terribledepressed, like I wasn't even there... straight up dead behind the eyesSeriously, look at the screenshots from my videos!

I was 3 years into my business and I had what everyone on the outside saw as major success. On the inside I was falling apart. In those 3 years I had crashed my first fashion truck (my business), developed crippling reactive arthritis for 3 months where I could barely walk or move, was chained to my desk all day, everyday and felt like my business was at a total stand still. 

On top of it, I was SO worried ALL.THE.TIME. about everything- money, customers, social media, buying, money, family, my relationship, what the hell I was doing with my life. Seriously, to have spent three years riding the highs and lows of my business had made me a complete wreck. Can't you see it in my face?

I spent much of 2014 depressed and overwhelmed. I didn't know how I had gotten to that place, but it sucked.

I felt alone in my business and wanted to take a vacation from my life and run away.

I wish in that time, I had someone to help me.

My family, my boyfriend with a business degree, my friends... they're all amazing listeners but the real deal is that they aren't business consultants, they're not life coaches... and they just didn't understand what being a boutique owner felt like.

In that time, I needed someone to simultaneously lift my spirit up, tell me how to adjust my business to keep hitting my numbers and be my ally to pull me out of the lonely, overwhelmed situation I was in.

In 2015 I ended up on a woman's email list who sent emails that resonated with me. I loved her message, I listened to her audios and felt in my heart that she was the one who could help me figure out what I was doing with my life. 

I signed up with her as my coach and wow, how quickly my life changed. Changed in the best ways... I got happier, I felt lighter and a year and a half later I'm the happiest and most creative I've ever been in my life.

By saying yes, admitting that I needed help, I got exactly the help I needed! Help from an expert to get me from where I was to where I am now. Her 1:1 support was like the business partner I never had and so desperately needed. She knew about things like manifesting, journaling, online marketing, Facebook Ads... all these things I never had the energy or awareness to deal with before.

I now live a lifestyle that I LOVE and have a business that LIGHTS me UP! Every three months I travel to a new spot that I've co-created with my boyfriend, I have the most delightful clients who get massive results, the relationship with my family is only about being family, and new opportunities flow to me with ease (very exciting things coming soon!)My business is easy, makes perfect sense and I am more centered and focused than I ever believed I could be.

You don't have to keep filling your head with doubts, questions and struggles. You don't have to be alone in your business. You can have clarity, alignment, and forward momentum, right now. It is possible for you! 

When you work with me in my 1:1 Boutique Consulting Program, I am your best business partner ever.

I help my 1:1 clients make these shifts so they can take winters off, they can spend more time with their kids, buy the car they most desire, have freedom to take vacations and love their business... with ease.

Who are the types women who work with me in my 12 Week 1:1 Boutique Consulting Program? 

They are:

  • Ambitious & Creative
  • Have had their retail business for 2-4+ years (although I have helped many of total newbies!)
  • Ready to do the work to have the life they desire
  • Happy & Positive
  • Not scared to invest in themselves and their business
  • Know that where they are now isn't working and something has to change

Maybe that list sounds just like you? And perhaps you can relate to how I felt in my third year in business, lonely and ready to ask for help? 

Right now I have 4 spots open for my 1:1 Consulting Program. I'd love to invite you to schedule an appointment to connect with me if you feel like what I've said speaks to and you're really ready to create change in your life and business. I know these spots will fill up by the end of the month so if you're reading this and feeling excited, click that button below and let's talk!

Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money!



60 days left...

Maybe you’ve been thinking, “Wow, I’m so busy. Overwhelmed. My business is doing really well, but I think I should have more time, more money in the bank, know what to focus on… My family is sick of my talking about my business 24//7. I know I want to grow this business more, but I feel too all over the place to make solid decisions to expand and grow.”

Sound familiar? Feel familiar?

I know what it's like. I understand how it feels to be 'just keeping up' and like every day means so much. If your life has become about 'just getting through the day' and 'when can I have a glass of wine'... I need you to know that it doesn't have to be like that anymore.

** I fully believe that you have the right to the opportunity to grow and develop your skills in your business.

** I believe that having frequent feedback from an industry professional will help you be comfortable taking risks in your business.

** I believe that support from someone who has been where you are will give you the comfort and security to be vulnerable.

These core beliefs are why I became a coach/consultant.

Why do I say coach/consultant?

My coaching is based on a holistic look at your life and business and how they affect each other:

> Deep diving into time management & match to your core desired feelings
> Kickass Mindset for optimum success and money growth
> Energy practices- how to manage your energy to grow business without being stressed/overwhelmed/tired
> Accountability, encouragement, the push needed to go outside your comfort zone

My consulting is focused on systems and structures to help stabilize, maintain and grow your business:
> Manage Open to Buy and become financially efficient utilizing Stock to Sales logics
> Analyze Sales History Data
> Develop Monthly Buying Plan
> Create a Markdown & Sales Plan
> Develop Marketing Plan via Social Media Presence & Email Marketing
> Manage Website/ SEO/ Create e-commerce or social selling income streams
> Plan out growth strategy
> Create monthly, quarterly and yearly goals

Having read the above list of what I do... are you doing most of that at this point in your business? Does some of that sound fun/relieving/exciting? Let me ask you:

  • Are you where you want to be in your business?
  • What’s stopping you from getting to your goals in your life and business?
  • How are those obstacles taking you out of the game and crushing your dreams?
  • Is it time for you to end your every day suffering? 
  • Why do you feel like you have to endure this pain alone in your business?
  • Is it time for you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and ask for the help that you need to get yourself to the next level?


If you’ve been thinking about working with me 1:1 at a higher level, here’s your chance. 

I’ve created a new 8-week intimate experience, only available for five (5) women.

This is about getting you to your ultimate business goals FAST. 
Some examples of things we can do in eight weeks:

  •  analyze your sales & margin data to maximize profits
  •  get you feeling great about your biz (mindset!)
  •  find your ideal client and speak to her loudly!
  •  dig deep into your inventory management and make it flow properly
  •  develop a buying and markdown strategy
  •  create and schedule content for all your social media channels
  •  launch your e-commerce or social selling site
  •  and whatever else you need…

Clearly we're not going to be able to get that entire list done in eight weeks, so pick your top 3-4 and we'll push to make them happen FAST.

This is a super high-level customized 8 weeks. You'll get the same access that my longer term 1:1 clients get. Training videos, book lists, workbooks-- you'll get what you need to succeed.

You want a business partner? Great- that's me for eight weeks. You'll have weekly 1:1 calls with just me and full email access to me for the entire length of us working together. 
You + Me... we're going to deep dive into your business to figure out what is going right to push it, what's going wrong, and stop it. No more wondering why you have too much inventory or why there's not as much money in the bank as you thought there should be. 
Picture this: In just 8 weeks, you've got your business running like a super profitable machine, you have an after-holiday plan set up and in place, and you KNOW it's all working exactly the way you imagined in the dreams you had about your retail business. We're going to bring this to life.

IMPORTANT: This is limited to 5 incredible women, so if it is speaking to you then talk to me about how we can make it happen. 

Hit reply to this email or schedule a time to speak to me this week. These spots will be gone by November 1st.

To making lots of friends and making lots of money,



I Heart Mondays! {FOR REAL}

This morning I woke up early to check out a Spin studio in the town we are staying in (we've started our traveling adventures!!). The place had great reviews and I have my spin shoes with me so I thought I'd try!

As I was setting up the bike, I was having trouble clipping my shoes into the pedals (it was the right size clip- I double checked!). So I asked the instructor if she could just guide my feet into the right place.

I said: "I just haven't been to a Spin class in awhile. And I think these bikes are different than the ones I've been on before."

She said: "It's Monday. Everything is harder on a Monday."

I thought: "WHAT? Well that's a crap story that you probably should let go of!"

emily benson mondays

It set this weird tone up for me and during the class, she kept referring to the idea that "Monday is hard" "Let's get Monday going!"

All I could think was STOP BLAMING MONDAY. Poor freaking Monday has nothing to do with how I'm going to perform in this class. And honestly, you making it the enemy is NOT INSPIRING at all.

It doesn't matter what day of the week it is- I FLOW EVERYDAY. PERIOD.

When you're a small business owner, everyday is important. And frankly, everyday is equal.

When you choose to flow, choose to make everyday really great for you and your life, IT IS!

The freedom, living life on your own terms, showing up for the amazing business you've created--- this is what I do, and what I teach my clients to do.

Yes, resistance can come up. People wanting things from you, get in your way. The urge to help everyone in your path is a real life issue you need to deal with.

But at the end of the day:


So let's all stop blaming days of the week for how we feel. Because we can absolutely create the flow we desire no matter what day or time it is!

Here's to living your life in FUN!

PS: Have you been watching my Facebook Live Talks? They are pretty awesome if I say so myself :) I want you to hear these tips so click here.