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From the time we are young, we’ve learned to start dreading Monday mornings around 5pm on Sunday night. “Sunday Funday” … “Working for the Weekend” and phrases like that just reinforce our deep hatred for the “first” day of the week.

WHYYY do we put so much stress into Mondays?? Monday didn’t ask for it!  And honestly, because we have had these chronically negative thoughts and emotions about it, it’s making everything just SO.MUCH.WORSE!!! 


What if you never fully realized what day of the week it really was? What if Monday was just another day of the week? What if we could just flip the switch an turn off this chronic thinking that Monday was ‘bad’?

I’d like to help you feel better about Mondays NOW, so here’s 3 tips for switching your MONDAY MINDSET!

  1. If you have to set your alarm, make it something soothing. Birds chirping, beautiful classical music or a fun song that makes you feel really good. When you hear the alarm, say “I’m so excited for today!” (even if you don’t believe it yet! you’ll get there!)
  2. During your morning routine, talk yourself into having that great day. Talk aloud or in your head saying things like, “My drive to work is going to be smooth and fun!” “I’m going to crush that meeting today!” “I have plenty of time to get everything I need done.” Again, even if you don’t totally believe it, we’ve GOT to start re-programming the chronic thinking that’s not been so helpful all these years. Trust me.. see what happens.
  3. If a moment of contrast occurs, like a kid spills their cereal on the floor, take a deep, calming breath, and laugh!!! Laughter will immediately raise your vibration, calm the energy of the room and help you see the situation in a more positive way. Every moment where we can ‘flip the switch’ like this is moving the momentum of your day towards ease and fun!

Try these Monday Mindset Hacks and let me know how it goes. I know my Monday is going to be awesome, even though it’s the first of two travel days in a jam packed week. MINDSET!

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I Heart Mondays! {FOR REAL}

This morning I woke up early to check out a Spin studio in the town we are staying in (we've started our traveling adventures!!). The place had great reviews and I have my spin shoes with me so I thought I'd try!

As I was setting up the bike, I was having trouble clipping my shoes into the pedals (it was the right size clip- I double checked!). So I asked the instructor if she could just guide my feet into the right place.

I said: "I just haven't been to a Spin class in awhile. And I think these bikes are different than the ones I've been on before."

She said: "It's Monday. Everything is harder on a Monday."

I thought: "WHAT? Well that's a crap story that you probably should let go of!"

emily benson mondays

It set this weird tone up for me and during the class, she kept referring to the idea that "Monday is hard" "Let's get Monday going!"

All I could think was STOP BLAMING MONDAY. Poor freaking Monday has nothing to do with how I'm going to perform in this class. And honestly, you making it the enemy is NOT INSPIRING at all.

It doesn't matter what day of the week it is- I FLOW EVERYDAY. PERIOD.

When you're a small business owner, everyday is important. And frankly, everyday is equal.

When you choose to flow, choose to make everyday really great for you and your life, IT IS!

The freedom, living life on your own terms, showing up for the amazing business you've created--- this is what I do, and what I teach my clients to do.

Yes, resistance can come up. People wanting things from you, get in your way. The urge to help everyone in your path is a real life issue you need to deal with.

But at the end of the day:


So let's all stop blaming days of the week for how we feel. Because we can absolutely create the flow we desire no matter what day or time it is!

Here's to living your life in FUN!

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