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Hey there gorgeous!

I'm Emily Benson, a super fun, super smart business consultant. I help retail entrepreneurs make more money in their business, so they can have more fun in their life. I'm SO done seeing boutique owners, direct sellers, and fashion retailers struggle to make ends meet in their businesses and now I'm on a MISSION... 

In 2015, I was four years into my booming retail business (Google 'The Fashion Truck'!). For so many of those years, I had been mentoring mobile boutique owners, helping them start their businesses, either through casual conversations or paid consulting gigs. Every time I was working with those women, I lit up. I could talk for hours, teaching them strategy and mindset, figuring out what was going to be best for their desires and lifestyles.

After spending the winter away from snowy Boston, writing my bestselling book and relaxing, I had a huge revelation. I have a bigger calling. I am meant to teach, motivate and inspire millions of women in fashion and retail to start and grow their businesses. I went on a quest to learn as much as I could how to pivot my path, resulting in the sale of my retail business and a complete overhaul of my lifestyle.

My husband and I spent 2016-2018 traveling around the world, exploring new spots and enjoying life from our laptops and three suitcases each. We lived in Airbnb's while we grow our businesses (he's a poet!) and see the sites (aka churches/museums/palaces). I'm the kind of woman who loves a quiet weekend in the country, as much as a glamorous week in the big city so you'll most likely find photos and videos of me in all of these scenarios on social media (follow me on my InstaStories @stylishandsuccessful)!

Now we live right outside Boston, near our families, and spend winters in warm spots like Antigua, Guatemala and Austin, Texas!

I'm just like you- I love life and I want as much out of it as I can get and I'll go after it with passion and a smile! I hope you'll reach out and say hi!

Want to learn more about why I'm good at what I do? Read below!

Until we speak... Here's to making lots of friends, and making lots of money!

xo, Emily

Why You Want to Hire Me to Consult with You:

1. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 8 years and counting.

I'll teach you how to become resilient to the the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. If you are new to being a business owner- you'll want to have someone on your #squad because I'm a "been there/done that" lady and can guide you through it all. If you're in the first couple of years, you'll want to learn from a woman who is a jack of all trades and knows how to make money and grow a business.

I've run product and service based businesses. Some were brick and mortar, some were traveling, and some were online. I LOVE to learn and grow!

And I've learned from the BEST (mostly because I'm a snob about learning #humblebrag)...

  • I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelors in Fine Art. (Did you know SU was the first college in the country to accept women into it's arts degree program? Pretty cool huh?)

  • I worked for the TOP fashion brands in the US including Henri Bendel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Victoria's Secret. (My many years in corporate retail were spent with incredibly demanding CEOs with crazy insane expectations of perfection. I delivered. Check out my LinkedIn profile if you'd like for reviews from my colleagues.)

  • I studied with Brendon Burchard, Roger Love and Bo Eason to become a World's Greatest Speaker. (These guys work with Fortune 50 CEOs, big time celebs, musicians and actors!)

  • I'm a #SpiritJunkie and have completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 with Gabby Bernstein. I'm now certified in the May Cause Miracles coursework and in the process of writing my second book. (You ready for some miracle-making?!)

To be the best, you have to learn from the best and I continue to uplevel my education through courses, books, and practice. It's the only way to become an international superstar (#obvi).

2. I have opened and closed multiple businesses.

It’s one thing to open a business, but having a plan if you want to change or sell a business is actually part of the process that so many women don’t think about. You need to understand what the long term looks like— from start to finish (if there is one). In this sense also, you'll want to understand the shifts and changes of closing a business or changing their path in your business. It’s a super emotional process to have a business, and then to change or close it can be scary. If this is where you are, I can coach you through the thoughts, feelings and strategies of all those shifts and changes.

3. I’ve been featured in a 50+ magazines and newspapers internationally.

I know how to get major press, get attention for your business and pitch stories to media outlets. You probably want help to understand what it’s going to take to get media attention for your business. I'll walk you through the steps that it takes to get yourself in newspapers and magazines. (shh... don't tell, but you don't need a PR agency.)

4. I have appeared on both live and taped TV segments in major US markets.

Interested in showing off your expertise or product on TV? I can help. I know how to make connections with producers and pitch them the angle of the story that fits on their show. I'll walk you through the steps of pitching, preparing and presenting on TV— even live TV! You'll want my help not being nervous, talking to your ideal client during the segment, and even promoting after the fact to help boost your credibility as a public figure. Here are two of my favorite segments: The Rhode Show & Tricia's Fashion Buzz

5. I’ve built partnerships with business and civic organizations to help grow my business.

Again, much of this is about the pitch and delivery. You'll need help accessing your emotional intelligence around pitching a partnership with a business, brand, organization you want to partner with to grow your business. Or perhaps you need to do this for sponsorship? I can help you build sponsorship packages and guide you in reaching out to the right person, with the right delivery to help grow your business and public image.

6. I wrote and self published a #1 Bestselling book on Amazon called “The Ultimate Boutique Handbook”.

Want write a book as an expert (non-fiction most likely!)? I can coach you through that process! You're most likely a go-getter creative who needs help with the step-by-step of writing and publishing. You want my understanding and knowledge of working through creating the outline for the book, writing the copy, editing, working on the cover imagery (this is where my design background comes in!), self-publishing, pricing, promoting, etc. We could get your book completed in my 6 month 1:1 private consulting program if that's your goal. You know that your book is not only going to make you money, but it’s also going to help establish you as an expert in your niche (AKA extra credit!).

7. I’ve negotiated leases, business sales and vendor fees with ease and from a place of power.

I'm a killer negotiator. I have learned negotiation tactics from top business leaders and CEOs. In my very first corporate job, I would literally nickel and dime vendors to get to the price I needed to hit our sales goals. In our culture, women have never been taught to negotiate, and I know you need me to teach you the ins and outs of how to negotiate like a pro to get what you want for your life and business.

8. I founded and produced a food truck festival called the Westford Food Truck Festival, where I made money, supported local, small businesses AND put on a heck of an event for 2500+ families.

Want to organize, produce and make money from an event you want to host? I can help you with understanding the ins and outs of event production and design. I can also help you make money from the event selling it— whether it’s tickets, sponsorships or vendor sales.

9. I’ve built 10+ websites and have a background in design, product development and branding.

I have an extremely high aesthetic for design. I give honest feedback about how to build a product or a brand that looks good and sells. Maybe you want help refining your website, making it SUPER clear on who you wanting to attract and what you're selling to that person. If you need help with product development, I can walk you through the process of designing, finding a vendor, sampling, commenting, producing, and marketing your product. Because I have a BFA, I have lots experience and expertise in giving her feedback that’s going to help refine her product, process and make more money.

10. In my corporate career, I had some crazy high level jobs running $15M+ fashion brands and working with some of the toughest CEOs in the fashion industry (fashion is a seriously TOUGH industry).

I can teach you how to step into the role of CEO in your business. What does it look like, feel like, how do you really step into that powerful place of delegating, making tough choices, developing a plan. You are most likely in a place where you have your biz up and running if you need this kind of help. Maybe you're struggling with the power position because you like to make everyone else happy? I can absolutely show you what it means to become a wonderful CEO, who cares about growing your business and also having FUN in it too!

11. I know how to live like a ROCKSTAR: fly on private jets, rooftop shindigs, hanging with celebs… or have more time to hang at the pool with your kids, take them to Disney on fam vaca and throw great holiday parties. YOU DEFINE 'ROCKSTAR'!!

Let’s boil this one down to: I can teach you how to love your life alongside your business. You are serious about working hard and playing hard, and I get it 110%. You want your business to support your rockstar lifestyle (whatever that looks like to you!) You are dying to find that balance of work and fun. I'm going to give you clarity, direction, systems, mindset and (sometimes) a kick in the ass (from a place of love!)

And if you want to know more about my professional corporate history, check out my LinkedIn Profile since I've got my full resume and background there!

I look forward to connecting with you!

xo, Emily