Set Yourself Free Meditation

Sometimes I let my EGO get in the way of my growth. What is my EGO? It's that little voice that says I'm not good enough, or tells me I need to justify what I'm doing or who I am... my EGO is the devil voice in my head that I'm slowly but surely turning down the volume on.

Do you have your EGO pop up too sometimes? I found this guided meditation script online and decided to use it for this month. I want us to learn to set our EGOs free and come back to our own space of love and heart centered growth.

I've also set the track up so you can download it to your computer or smartphone to listen to whenever you need a restful moment in your day or if you're having trouble falling asleep!

To download, simply hit the button that says "Download" on the right hand side of the audio player.