Resource I Absolutely LOVE! (and have used!)

Books That Have Changed My Life:

What I Use to Facebook Live:

Now that I'm a more experience Live-Streamer, I prefer a gorgeous ring light an phone holder in one.  This one has a full stand that can get really tall, and the light always makes my videos look way more professional!

If you are quiet, or are in a place with tall ceilings/large spaces, you might want to have a lavalier microphone plugged into your phone to get your voice more clear for watchers!

When I was just starting out using video, this little ring light was exactly what I needed. Inexpensive and bright for your face- this would work if you were doing more close up work.

It really bothers me that so many people are still just holding their phones when live streaming or creating videos! This is an easy, inexpensive tripod to pop your phone in. I travelled around the world with this one!

Tools I Use for Health & Wellness:

Once I stopped drinking alcohol, I discovered all these new delicious drinks! Golden Milk is my favorite warm drink to start or end the day. I heat it on the stove with almond milk (I'm dairy free!) and I've found it helps me fall asleep if I'm having trouble calming my mind. Turmeric and ashwaganda are known to be great for inflammation and natural stress relievers.

This gorgeous deck of cards is a great way to start using cards for guidance. Pulling a card at the beginning of each day can give you a new outlook on life. I'm a student of Gabby Bernstein so I love the quotes (they are non-religious) and the drawings/paintings are absolutely beautiful! Makes a great gift for you or a friend.

I love asking for guidance through oracle or tarot cards. This new deck by Colette Baron-Reid are absolutely stunning and I LOVE that it comes with a book for reference (I'm not a tarot expert)! The messages from this deck are always uplifting and help direct me in life and business.

I love protein bars as an easy breakfast or snack (especially when I had a boutique!). Rx bars are some of the healthiest and most delicious ones that I've found with natural ingredients and great flavors. Greg loves these too!

I'm a full-on obsessed Pilates Reformer student. However, my travels bring me to places where it's really hard to find studios. The Pilates Wheel has been an absolute gem to help me get a reformer-style workout anywhere in the world! I also love that it's a woman owned/invented business!

I get regular Traditional Chinese Medicine and accupuncture treatments. BUT, there are times I can't get to the office and that's when this handy (and hurtful!) mat comes into my life. Usually I use it before bed and I find that it's great to release my muscles and the physical tension in my back and neck.

Check back often as I'll be adding more of my favorite resources for you! So you know, most of these links are affiliate links. If you click them and purchase, I may make a commission from the sale.